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The ‘STUDENT section’ is brought to you by Charak Pharma Pvt Ltd.

This page is exclusively designed for students of Ayurvedic stream. Charak Pharma Pvt. Ltd. has a team of experts who have carefully designed and structured the information on this website. We have qualified Ayurvedic doctors on board who carefully monitor the content that goes online.

The information on this section is aligned with the syllabus guidelines of the CCIM (Central Council of Indian Medicine), the central government body in India.


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“As you learn, you grow more dendrites and synapses and increase your network of information”.

The objectives of the Student section can be divided into the following sections

Education –

  • To give Ayurvedic medical students an effective technique of learning and make them independent learners of the Ayurvedic system of medicine
  • To help them co-relate pathologies with modern sciences to help them gain confidence in diagnosis and line of treatment
  • To give them high-quality question banks aligned with their curriculum so they can assess themselves effectively


Career Guidance –

  • To give an overview of opportunities that lie ahead of B.A.M.S and M.D Ayurveda
  • To share experiences of various success stories post becoming an Ayurvedic doctor. This can help students discover what it is to be pursuing a certain career path and making an informed choice for themselves
  • To list the various courses and training that can be undertaken post-B.A.M.S


Student Participation –

  • To give students a platform to post questions on the material they have read. Promote student discussions
  • Give students a voice by encouraging various competitions like essay writing, article writing, quizzes, etc.
  • Gain student feedback to keep us updated about the students need which would help us better our website.


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Work Smart  – Focus your efforts topic by topic so you can target your learning on your weak areas

Work with Peers – Quizzes, competitions and student forums let you compete against your peers while testing your knowledge. They also help broaden your network and help you stay updated and informed. Healthy student discussions encourage a better understanding of a topic.

Question Bank – Our question bank contains past years’ university papers for every subject. Our question banks give you access to relevant, regularly updated questions based on your curriculum. Getting familiar with question papers will gain you confidence to face university exams.

Compete and Win – Students are welcome to compete in various competitions and quizzes put up on the website. Check out the interactive section Student corner where you can upload your entry and win prizes.