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आयु:कामयमानेन धर्मार्थसुखसाधनम् |

आयुर्वेदोपदेशेषु विधेयः परमादर:||

                          अष्टांग हृदय सूत्रस्थान  १ / २

In Astanga Hridaya, Vagbhata says – The person who wishes to lead a long healthy life that keeps him competent to achieve the four purusharthas – dharma (Righteousness), artha (Money), kama (desires) and moksha (salvation); should be very vigilant about following the teachings and guidelines of Ayurveda.



Literature of Ayurveda – Brihatrayi – Charak Samhita

Literature of Ayurveda truly starts from the Vedic era.  It’s evolution thereafter, up to the final compilation in the form of Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, etc.


Literature of Ayurveda – Brihatrayi – Sushruta Samhita and Astanga Hridaya

Sushruta Samhita – Sushruta belongs to Dhanvantari school of thought and is believed to be the Father of Surgery in Ayurveda.Kashiraj Divodas, who is believed to be the second incarnation of Lord Dhanvantari, laid the foundation of Sushruta Samhita.


Literature of Ayurveda – Laghutrayi (Subordinate trio)

The  compendia  after  the  period  of  Vagbhata reflect  further  developments  in contemporary  fields  of  science  and  incorporation  of  more  drugs  in  therapeutics. Madhava nidana, Chikitsa sara, Bhaishajya-ratnavali, Bhavaprakasha, Sharangadhara Samhita, Rasaratna samuccaya, and Yoga ratnakara are few examples of the compilations of literature of the ancient and a relatively recent period.


How to interpret a Sanskrit Sutra? – let us keep it simple

 The knowledge of Ayurveda has been documented by various maharishis in the form of sutras. Sutra literally means a thread that holds things together, and more metaphorically refers to an aphorism (or line, rule, formula) or a collection of such aphorisms. Sutra, being the most concentrated form of knowledge, plays a key role in the propagation of knowledge. Therefore to understand Ayurveda in order to become an Ayurvedic doctor, the first step is to know how to interpret a sutra (Shloka).


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For us at Charak Pharma, the health and wellness are always on our minds. We have dedicated ourselves to the well-being of people for over 65 years, through unique herbal formulations that have been tested and trusted for effectiveness and safety.Charak develops more than 60 herbal products for various disorders and ailments like insomnia, infertility, cough and cold, oral hygiene, digestive problems, derma care, low immunity, urinary issues, and major ailments like diabetes, obesity, arthritis and chronic pain.Several of our products have undergone clinical trials, conducted with well-reputed institutions across the country like AIIMS, KEM, KGMC etc., that have been published in the domestic as well as international medical journals.More than 2,25,000 Indian doctors trust and prescribe Charak products based on their quality. Besides India, our range of Ayurvedic medicines is recommended by doctors in more than 35 countries worldwide.

Charak is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of research-based phytomedicinal products with

• WHO GMP approved manufacturing facilities

• ISO certified operations

• R&D labs that are accredited by the department of science and technology, Government of India.

• Proven safety and efficacy to meet international quality standards

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Charak Pharma is an Indian pharmaceutical company that has been a leader and pioneer in nature-based wellness for seven decades now. At Charak we revive and revolutionize an ancient Indian tradition – the healing science we know as Ayurveda. Our objective is to promote time-honored, age-old science Ayurveda and its principle and perfect them using modern scientific research.

With this objective in mind Charak Pharma has come-up with a new initiative from 2017 to foster research temperament amongst the Ayurvedic students. Charak Pharma will be providing financial assistance to selected medical graduates who are pursuing postgraduate course through recognized Ayurvedic colleges from the year 2017.

Charak Pharma will award support to more than 15 MD/MS/Ph.D. THESIS per year at National Level each receiving the cash amount of upto Rs. 30000/- as financial assistance towards the project/thesis.


  1. Promoting quality research in medical colleges through students
  2. Improving visibility to their research work
  3. Supporting and guiding through their research work


  1. Charak Pharma will provide financial assistance of upto Rs.30,000 to selected candidates pursuing postgraduate courses (M.D. /M.S. / Ph.D.)
  2. Number of Awards: Limited to 15 per year
  3. Number of Grand Awards: 2 per year with cash prize of Rs. 50000/- each
  4. Eligibility: Medical graduates who are admitted to the MD/MS/ courses in any of the CCIM recognized Institute/College and who wish to avail award/ financial assistance for pursuing their research project
  5. Upper age limit: 45 years

Procedure for selection:

  1.  The scheme would be widely published through advertisement on, circulars to the medical institutions and Charak’s official Facebook page every year.
  2.  Candidates must apply within 12 months of registration for the course.
  3.  The application should be routed through their guide and the head of the institution.
  4.  The candidate and the guide will indicate their choice of the research topic and will give a brief description of the objectives, methodology, design of the study, expected outcome, up-to-date literature search, ethical considerations and facilities available at the institute for conducting the study as per the proposed protocol and an undertaking by the head of the institute that the candidate will be permitted to undertake the proposed research activity.
  5. Charak Pharma will also indicate their choice of thesis topics
  6. Selection would be made on the basis of merit. Objective scoring would be used to assess the grant applications with respect to (i) Academic performance of the candidate (ii) Research topic description in 700-1000 words (e.g. innovativeness, relevance of work, application of research, etc.)
  7. Selection will be done by expert committee at Charak Pharma

Financial Assistance:

  1.  An undertaking has to be provided by the candidate that the funds received from the Charak Pharma will be used strictly for the purpose for which it has been released (pursuance of research and towards the funds for purchase of reagents, raw materials, preparation of thesis or any other activity connected with the research project) and; in the event of leaving this scheme the whole amount will be remitted to the company with suitable justifications.
  2.  An electronic copy of the thesis submitted to the University/Institute as a part of the postgraduate programme will be submitted to the Charak Pharma after being awarded the PG/Ph.D. degree. Privacy will be strictly followed by Charak Pharma.
  3. The candidate will be required to provide information to Charak Pharma regarding the manner in which the funds were utilized duly signed by the Head of the Institute/College.
  4. A short summary of the thesis (2-5 pages) prepared by him/her, outlining the objectives, methodology, findings and discussion.
  5. The grant shall be issued in the name of the candidate directly with a copy to the Guide and the Head of the Institute.


  1. Expert committee at Charak Pharma will monitor the project continuously till the research project is completed and reported.  He will be in communication with the guide/ the student who will make periodic reports on the progress of the project and will give appropriate advice and guidance to the student for the future course of action and mid-course correction if needed.

Submission/Publication of thesis:

1. The preparation and submission of thesis will be the responsibility of the student and his guide.

2. The candidate should submit documents listed in item No.2.1 within three months of submission of the thesis to the institution/organization failing which, the award will be treated canceled and all financial assistance provided will be reimbursed to Charak Pharma.


Application duly filled by the candidates in prescribed format forwarded by the Guide and certified by Dean/Principal should be sent to Charak at [email protected]

The form for the application will be up on the site shortly.


Team Charak