Swasa Roga – Let us understand this disease condition as we did for Jwar, using six honest servants.

Swasa Roga samprapti as explained in Charak Samhita is as follow:



यदा स्रोतांसि संरुध्य मारुतः कफपूर्वकः |

विष्वग्व्रजति संरुद्धस्तदा श्वासान् करोति सः ||१७||

                                        चरकसंहिता, चिकित्सास्थानम् – १७, हिक्काश्वासचिकित्सितम्


Vata when vitiated obstructs the respiratory tract due to excessive Kapha formation; the two together engulf the tract and cause a serious obstruction in the airways making it go all about or everywhere leading to breathlessness.

  • This pattern of shlok has two verbs viz. व्रजति and करोति
  • The shlok can be well depicted as follows where karta is ‘kapha purvaka vata’

Here are two verbs vrajati and karoti in the shlok.

Who – Kapha purvaka vata

What – Strotas sanrudhya

How –Vishwag vrajati

Where – Pranavaha strotas,

Why – Due to hetusevan