Article Writing Contest For The Month Of May To July 2018

Dear Student,

Topics for article writing contest –

You have the liberty of choosing any one of the topics from the list as mentioned below:

  1. Role of “Pashanbhed” in Kidney Stones
  2. Management of UTI in Grishma Ritu

Rewards for participating in the Article Writing Competition: Cash rewards will be for 3 winners

  • 1st prize winner will receive a cash prize of Rs. 5000/-
  • 2nd prize winner will receive a cash prize of Rs. 4000/-
  • 3rd prize winner will receive a cash prize of Rs. 3000/-

This competition offers a chance to the students have their writing skills reviewed by Charak’s senior editor. The winning articles will also be uploaded to the student site and even on the blog page of Charak Pharma website.

We urge and request you to continue participating in Charak students’ online activities.


Terms and conditions of participating in the “Article Writing Contest”

  1. Register on charak.comif not registered
  2. Post your article at “[email protected]
  3. The article must consist of the contents and style as mentioned below:
  • The article should be in blog format
  • Word count – minimum 500 and maximum 800
  • Content should be relevant to the topic selected
  • The content must be in English
  • The article must in “Word doc”
  • The article should be original work and not a plagiarism
  • Research articles will not be considered as Articles

Tips on writing the article:

  1. For this contest, we are looking for health-related articles based on the topics suggested. Writers have to express his/her ideas and expertise on the subject. The article should be original work and not a copy paste. The article should be in simple, easy to understand language for common people.
  2. The article must begin with an intro paragraph with definition, statistics, prevalence, facts, focus and attention-grabbing points.
  3. The next paragraph (section) must elaborately include findings, causes, risk factors and the core reason for the relevant condition/title of the topic/indication
  4. The third section must include current treatment options for the given condition/title of the topic/indication
  5. In the final section, enlist/mention the useful herbs and minerals for the management of the given condition/title of the topic/indication.
  6. Finally, conclude with your opinion, analysis, and comments on the topic.

Before sending, please proofread your article.

Submission of the articles – The last date for submitting the article is 20th July 2018. Please submit your article at [email protected].